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Hello !

Welcome to my blog!

Nathan S

Nathan and his gerbil: Courgette 

Hello, I'm Nathan and I'm 14, I have an 11-year-old sister and my favorite color is yellow. 


My favorite music is Come Together, a Beatles song. " I do karate ! »

And my favorite meal is fries / sausages. 


With my parents and grandparents, we do a lot of cultural outings such as the Grévin museum, or even the light workshop.

At the Atelier des Lumières, I like to see paintings by: 

  • Paul Sezanne

  • Van Gogh 

  • Marc Chagall 

And the works of the creator of Tintin: Hergé 


My favorite monuments are: 

  • Eiffel Tower,

  • The Arc de Triomphe, 

  • The Sacred Heart, 


With the association, we had the opportunity to visit the Cité des Sciences. We go out to the cinema but also to the ice rink, to the equestrian center...


I like to eat fruit, especially strawberries with sugar, but "my favorite fruit is the apple because it's sweet". 


I like watching Nastya's videos which allowed me to learn English. 


My favorite animal is the gerbil, "I have one at home called Courgette but I don't like zucchini". 


“For the July holidays I will go to Bordeaux with my family”. And in June, with the organization, I'm going to England but I don't like to travel. 


If you want to send a little message to Nathan, don't hesitate!

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