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Welcome to my blog!



Maybe the boxer

Hi, my name is Maye and I'm 14 years old. I have a big and a little sister. 


I go to college where I am in 4th grade. I like to play UNO with my friends, work and play basketball with them in the playground.


On TV, I watch trace sport stars where football, basketball, car racing and tennis play. I watch the MCM Top channel and listen to the songs of Mario, Miguel, Frank Ocean, Khalid, R. City. And I really like watching The Simpsons.


In my spare time, I play Trials Rising on the Playstation. 


Apart from school and the association, I go boxing. 


On Tuesdays, I'm on an internship in a soap factory where I help make soaps with my educator Miloud. 


When I grow up, I would like to have my own apartment. For the moment, I don't know what job I would like to do later. 


I have already done a road trip in Spain and Portugal. Soon, I will go to Cameroon and England. And when I'm older, I'd like to go to New York, Italy, Canada, Brazil and Mexico.


If you want to send a little message to Maye, don't hesitate!

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